Build an unapologetically REAL connection with your tribe, turn them into #fangirls and make more sales than ever before!

Join a community for female entrepreneurs to learn all the latest online marketing strategies to take your biz to the next level.

Your online marketing strategy shouldn’t focus on your number of followers, it should focus on building an authentic connection with your audience and turning them into #fangirls.













Registration for The 6-Figure Girl Gang is now CLOSED. We will be opening up again - be the first to be notified by signing up to the waitlist below!

Imagine how it would feel if you... 

Attract your dream customers with ease, turn them into #fangirls who love every that you do and you sell out when a new product launches or you announce a new service.

Start making bank in your biz! Making more sales than you have before and do so without feeling like a sleazy salesman (can I get a amen, sister?)

Remained unapologetically YOU and built your tribe whilst staying true to you and keeping that fiercely real authentic connection with your audience.

Sick of guessing what latest online marketing strategy will help you grow your business and help you shine online? Cringing every time a digital marketing guru promises you the world if you buy their latest course? Tired of spending money and not seeing any results?

Girl, I know you.

You’re one of the rare ones. I can feel your magic already ✨ You genuinely want to serve your customers. You put your heart and soul into your business and now you want to share your sparkle with the world. But you’re just not getting any traction.

  • You’ve gone and bought a few courses that were outdated the moment you bought them! 
  • You signed up to countless email lists and freebies only for them to sit there and clog up your email.
  • And you’ve signed up to multiple webinars and didn’t end up watching them.

I’m going to tell you the honest truth (and this may hurt a little). If you don’t take control of your online presence and start turning those followers into customers, your business won’t ever reach its full potential. It will plateau or even worse, fail.

You should be focusing on that special ‘something something’ that makes your customers LOVE your business 💕 We call it the creative stuff! Don’t try to be a professional online marketer. That’s my job! 

I know I know, outsourcing is expensive and a lot of them just aren’t attached to your businesses core values. At this stage in your biz, you’re the right person for the job. That’s why I created The 6-Figure Girl Gang 💁‍♀️

The 6-Figure Girl Gang is an online community for female entrepreneurs to learn all the latest online marketing strategies to take their biz to the next level. 


Here's how it works 

1. Let’s Get Social Course

This is an 6-week social media course that will take you from social media user to social media for business wiz! Now I get it, social media is such a fast paced world. There is always something new to learn. But before I teach you all the new (mega fun) stuff, you need to know the basics.

2. Monthly Money Generating Challenges

Each and every month, we’ll hand over a challenge. It’s up to you, and all those other boss babes in our community, to grab hold of this exclusive money generating challenge and run with it. Here’s how we’ll grow your Instagram community. 

3. Monthly Masterclasses & Live Q&A

Learn from the experts in real-time. What strategies work, and what YOU should be doing in your biz! Don't spend hours on end researching digital marketing theories - let us research it FOR you and simply give implementing so you can bring it to life!   

This is where the magic happens. I’ll teach you simple strategies to help you turn your followers into total #fangirls. ✨

You know which #fangirls I’m talking about. The ones who are obsessed with your brand, the ones who buy each and every time, and genuinely love errrrthang you create. Because that’s what we want right? A tribe of customers who are in love with everything your business does.🙋‍♀️ 

Find me one brand that has a tribe of customers that act like total #fangirls that IS NOT successful? Apple? Glossier? 

I’ll wait ...😏

What Do I Get If I Join?

The 6-Figure Girl Gang you've always needed. The place to be for education, resources and support for boss babes committed to growing their business online.

So, what will you get in The 6-Figure Girl Gang?

● Let's Get Social course (value $799)

Monthly Money-Generating  Challenges (value $99)

Monthly Masterclasses (learning all the latest strategies and hacks of Insta as they happen, not in a course 12 months later) (value $79)

Private members-only Facebook Group (priceless*)

● BONUS: FB Ads Course (value $499)


  • You don't have time
    You're a busy woman - I know! The 6-Figure Girl Gang is designed so that you can do it at your own pace. All the video are available for you to watch in your spare time and you only need to commit to a minimum 1 hour of work per week! *and if you cant find an hour a week to invest in your biz - you should probably ask if you should be running one!

  • You think you're too late to the Instagram Party 
    Girl, don't stress! You're not too late to the game... You just need to understand that the rules are a little different. A lot of people have become soooo caught up in the follower count that they've forgotten why it's important - to get customers. If you focus on growing an engaged and devoted tribe, you'll be way more successful. 

  • You dont know where to start
    That's why we structure The 6-Figure Girl Gang the way we do... To start off you just learn the basics in the Let's Get Social course! Once you've mastered that, we will focus on ONE topic each month - giving you enough time to be a freakin' boss at it! 

  • You already have customers
    If it ain’t broke, why fix it right? If you're happy, honestly keep doing you girl! But I specialise in helping business owners create a tribe, build hype and foster a devoted community of #fangirls. If that’s something you don’t have, this is the place to create it.

  • You know allllll about the gram!
    Your socials are totally on point and go you girl! But is that translating in your sales? Having a pretty feed and the perfect selfie isn’t going to sell your services or products.

"I've already recommended you to a few of my friends in the industry! I've even gotten my first influencer and brand ambassador! I've gained so much - Thanks!"

Founder of Studio 3

"I feel like I understand Instagram and Facebook on a level I never imagined I would"

Found of Get Robed


Registration for The 6-Figure Girl Gang is now CLOSED. We will be opening up again - be the first to be notified by signing up to the waitlist below!


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